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Because repeated breach inside the pipes is seen at various time intervals, the walls of many pipes start go grow weaker. With that, not all the debris or sediments deposited in the larger pipes can be cleaned with this method. So what basically happens is that old industry methods temporarily open up blocked drains, leaving a chunk of deposited material to be cleaned at a later stage. Pipes and drainage systems are then blocked a number of times and the whole process of unclogging is repeated.

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On the other hand, specialist demolition companies have the necessary equipment, expertise and labour force to take on this laborious task and be done in as little time as possible. Safety standard dictate that a few measures should be taken during this whole process regardless of whoever is completing this task. For instance, children are strictly directed to stay away from the affected area, which should ideally be covered with plastic cloths. Demolition workers are advised to wear specialist respirators because ordinary dust masks would not be of much benefit.


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