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We have two home improvement apps, one that will level your pictures and another that will find you that wall stud. Want even more home improvement apps? Check out this AppList .

A week after giving birth, comatose woman shows some improvement – CBS News


Perk up your home with pattern Give your home an energy shot this spring with bright colors and bold patterns. “Patterns are hot, hot, hot,” says Cathie Pliess, program coordinator of design for The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and a certified interior designer. “Look for oversized patterns in bold colors on a white background.” Curious which home improvement costs less than $5,000, delivers the highest return on investment and has the maximum impact on curb appeal?

Grenada Star, Home Improvement

“It’s a lot to juggle ,taking care of two people who need that kind of intensive attention and care and love, and I’m very, very happy to be that guy that gets to give them that love,” said Lande. “They deserve it.” Lande said was exhausted but family members have been available to help him out. He said it was difficult not being able to share the experience of bringing home a newborn with his wife. “I had always assumed … we’d be doing all these things with West together with Melissa,” he said “It’s very hard not having her here and sharing these moments with her.” Carleton is close to being moved to a long-term acute care facility, said Lande.


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