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Partnerships forged. These are not often phrases associated with home remodels; in fact, such projects are often fraught with headaches and frustrations. But Chris and Kristen McCormick of McCormick Home Improvement, LLC are here to assure you that home remodels and upgrades do NOT have to be synonymous with trouble. It is their solemn promise, after nearly two decades in the business, that your time and money are of the utmost importance, and that your complete satisfaction with their work is, without exception, their number one priority. Chris and Kristen McCormick have been in the business of home improvement since 1997.,93412?content_class=1&town_id=1&sub_type=stories

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India home improvement market: New market research published

Contractors provide, on average, 68% return on investment, according to Porch. One surprise, Porch said: Not many sellers said they were hiring painters. A fresh coat of paint returns close to 100% of the money spent in boosted value, its report said. Sullivan cited one home in a Boston suburb which sold for $60,000 over the asking price within four days, which was absolutely due to improved presentation.


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