Design Inspiration At Your Fingertips: Homeowners Go Digital To Jumpstart Home Improvement Projects

Indonesia home improvement market: Latest market research analysed

Websites like Pinterest are a great resource to help you explore and compile current design trends and tips, and organize details for home improvement projects. Connect with others Use home remodeling and design website, Houzz, to connect with other homeowners, interior designers, contractors and architects. Like Pinterest, Houzz allows you to browse and save photos of home improvement projects, but you can also see the companies and people who worked on the project and ask questions about the products and techniques used. Stay within budget Once you have determined a direction for your project, your next step is finding out how much it’s going to cost you.

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SHARE THIS ARTICLE How to Set a Landscaping Budgetand Stick to It Longing to escape? Summertime entertainment and relaxation doesnt have to mean taking a trip away from home. The most enjoyable outdoor retreats incorporate basic, and familiar, elements: earth (landscaping, container gardens), water (fountains, swimming pools), and fire (firepit, candles). Add to that quality outdoor furniture, some fun elements and thoughtful design, and your deck, balcony, porch, or patio can easily become a destination. Designing outdoor entertaining areas in your home takes a bit of planning, but these tips can help turn your basic backyard into a staycation paradise.


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