Questions Linger After Missing Teen Returns Home

1st Credit Auto Sales

Police did reveal several months ago that Abby had written home to her mother. When the letter surfaced, FBI Special Agent In Charge Kieran Ramsey said Abby could have run away willingly or someone could still be coercing her into staying away from home. Bob Lowery, vice president of the missing-children division at the NCMEC, said Abby’s return after such a long disappearance is “unusual but not unprecedented.” “Realistically, the longer children are gone, the likelihood they’re going to be found diminishes,” Lowery said.

Kingfisher 10-week Sales Slightly Up, Like-for-Like Sales Down; Stock Drops

On April 3, Kingfisher said it had entered into exclusive negotiations with the principal shareholders of home improvement retailer Mr Bricolage to acquire their shareholding. The company today confirmed a binding agreement reached with these principal shareholders. A mandatory offer will be made to acquire the shares held by the minority shareholders at the agreed price per share of 15 euros.


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