Governor Corbett Announces $21 Million In School Improvement Grants For Nine Schools | Wpmt Fox43

Gov. Corbett signs budge with a veto

As part of the competitive application process, eligible schools must adopt and implement one of four reform models developed by the federal government: Transformation, Turnaround, Restart and School Closure. If a school selects the Transformation Model, teachers and principals must be assessed using a rigorous, transparent and equitable evaluation system; such as Pennsylvanias new teacher and principal evaluation program, or a more rigorous system. Staff must also participate in high-quality professional development and be involved in curriculum design and development. The Turnaround Model involves the turn around of schools through the implementation of nine broad strategies, including changing the school leadership, replacing at least 50 percent of the staff, requiring high-quality professional development and the adoption of new governance. The Restart Model enables a school to choose between re-opening a school as a charter school or have an education management organization take its operations. The School Closure Model allows a school to transfer students out of the low-performing school and into higher-achieving schools within the districts boundaries.


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