Why Many Girls From Troubled Lands Don’t Want A One-way Ticket To America – Forbes

Home improvement contractor accused of defrauding customers in Syracuse | syracuse.com

This opportunity is also a good tool to socialize and promote awareness of gender equality in the media so this issue is not only a burden on the government, but also the society. Ayendha talks about what shes doing to fix the problem, Considering that Indonesia is rich in agriculture and almost all regions have an unique agricultural potential, I have a big project named Women Agripreneurship. The core of this project is to empower women in agriculture and create value to their local community. One of the Agripreneurship programs shes working on is called Talas Day (talas is a vegetable, also known as taro, that is grown in Southern India and Southeast Asia). Starting in the village of Situgede where they grow and sell taro as low priced raw material, the Agripreneurship program will educate women to cultivate taro into high value products that will help their families, their region and the nations economy. http://www.forbes.com/sites/deniserestauri/2014/07/31/why-many-girls-from-troubled-lands-dont-want-a-one-way-ticket-to-america/?ss=forbeswoman

What your biggest consumer complaint? – WRCBtv.com | Chattanooga News, Weather & Sports

E. in Syracuse were met with recordings indicating their phones were no longer in service. The attorney general’s office said it began receiving complaints about Cakir and Metropolitan Granite & Marble in 2010. http://www.syracuse.com/news/index.ssf/2014/07/home_improvement_contractor_ismail_cakir_metropolitan_granite_accused_of_defraud.html

The report notes that one of the biggest challenges confronting consumer protection agencies right now is dealing with scammers targeting U.S. consumers from other countries. Internet phone service, Caller ID spoofing software, prepaid cell phones that scammers buy anonymously and discard, auto-dialers and other technology make it easy and inexpensive for crooks to contact U.S. http://www.wrcbtv.com/story/26162266/what-your-biggest-consumer-complaint


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